Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Day Duck

For whatever reason, Father's Day always seems to catch me by surprise. Last week I realized it was already mid-June and the day must be fast-approaching. I checked the calendar, and sure enough, I had only a few days to go.
Feeling inspired by the raccoon I recently did, I decided that I would get out my prisma-colors and draw up one of Dad's favorite fine-feathered friends. I settled on a wood duck, googled it, and, finding a decent picture, got to work.
Thinking on it now, I'm not sure why I always seem to associate wood ducks with my dad. As a bird-watcher, I think he is actually more interested in song birds. Maybe it is I who thinks wood ducks are impressive and somewhere concluded that as a bird-lover, Dad must also like them. At any rate, the picture I chose was quite beautiful, and I'm happy with they way my drawing came out.
For the moment, I have just this cell-phone picture of it half-completed, but I hope to have a proper scan up soon as well.

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