Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's a beautiful sunny Monday and I have found myself with a day have in compensation for having "worked" on Saturday (going to my school festival can hardly count as working, but definitely not complaints here!)
I suggest to V that we pack in the car and go look for a waterfall we've heard about. Driving west on Route 2 out of Hiroshima takes us to Ootake, and the waterfall is supposedly somewhere near the exit for the toll road. Not really knowing where to go, I take a wild guess and turn up a road along a river in the general vicinity of said exit. 2 or 3 blocks and a sign bearing the name "錦竜の滝" (I'm not quite sure of the reading, but (I think it's nishikiryuu).
We drive up a narrow road through a thick forest of cryptomeria, and beach, bamboo and hackberry Ferns blanket the hillsides, and kudzu creeps over everything. After a short drive we reach the end of the road and find a bridge spanning the river just in front of a river management dam. A trail leads up from the bridge, and we take it.
A short 15 minute walk takes us to a beautiful waterfall plunging into a wide pool perfect for a summer swim. The water feels amazing, and the setting is gorgeous.
I think I will definitely be here again.

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