Monday, April 23, 2012

Second and Third

Here are pictures of the second and third coats of concrete.  After the second coat, I connected the pieces together using expanding foam sealant.  I also created some extra holes in the rock for plants.  After the foam dried I cut it and put on a first coat of concrete.  When the foam dries, it has a hard, shiny outer later.  The concrete doesn't stick to it very well, so I would advise cutting all of it off so the concrete can bond better with the soft foam underneath.
I think it came out pretty cool.  Once it's all together it should look very nice.  Two concerns are that waterfall portion will create a pretty dark cave area that won't get much light.  But that may actually be a good thing. 
My other concern is whether or not all of the materials I've used are going to be safe for any animals I put in the tank.  I've done a lot of research about what products to use, but of course, I can't find most of them here in Tokyo.  I'll find out eventually.  But it's a lot of work gone to waste if they turn out toxic!

I'll put up a post later listing all of the products I used. 

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