Monday, May 7, 2012


I've been meaning to get some pictures up of some of my new additions.  I've actually gone a bit crazy in the last couple weeks.
First, I bout an axolotl.  It was on sale, as well as a small acrylic fish tank, so I got them. Having seen so many planted aquariums while researching my big tank, I decided to try one with this new tank.  I bought the small aquascaping soil, a brand called "Project Soil." It looks like small, dark brown gravel, but I think that it is basically soil compressed into dense little pellets.  I have seen a lot of planted tanks with plants growing roots directly into it.
Since I would love to have a similar setup, I added it to my tank, but it proved to not be the best idea.  I feed my axolotl small frozen worms.  The first day, I put some in on top of this project soil, and he started to eat the worms as well as the rocks.  Some of them he spit out, but it seemed that he was also swallowing some.  I had read about axolotl care before I got him, but hadn't looked to carefully at substrate.  It seems that to feed, when an axolotl finds something it wants to eat, it vacuums in all the water in front of it, pulling in whatever comes.  If too much of that is gravel, an axolotl will eventually die from impaction.
For now, I've cleared out a corner of the tank that is strictly a feeding area.  I put his worms directly onto the glass bottom so he can eat without getting any stones.  He is pretty messy though. He always ends up knocking more of the project soil down into his food and then I have to clean it.  Oh well.

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