Monday, May 7, 2012

New Palu

The other day I was at a fish shop and they had some used tanks for sale.  They were a bit dirty, but only 200 yen!  Needless to say, I bought one.
Feeling eager to get started planting a tank and feeling frustrated over the slowness of my other project, we decided to make a new one.  We found a cool piece of driftwood with a hole at the top of a natural trough and foamed it onto a large rock to make a waterfall.  I then though to try out my old trick of using tupperwares to separate the land and water.  This time, we foamed the sides, then siliconed them and pushed in sand.  They look really cool!
We then made our background using foam, cork, some rocks, and some large bark.  We put the tube for our filter under the cork to disguise it.
It came out looking very very cool, and we only spent about 3000 yen.

I am hoping to put some newts into it, but before we do, I have a few worries I'll get to in another post. 

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