Monday, May 7, 2012

Paludarium update

My large paludarium project has been progressing slowly.  I finished my fake rock waterfall and installed it into the tank using silicone.  In building the rock, I didn't give much consideration as to how difficult this installation process might be, and I've ended up with a lot of hang ups.  First of all, I kept  the rock in two pieces, but probably should have used more.  I installed the small piece first, which went in easily, but when I put in the big piece, I found that I had built the rocks too snug and ended up having to slide it in, smearing silicone everywhere.
And then, once the rock was in, there are so many small nooks and crevices that it has been incredibly difficult waterproofing the tank. water leaks all over in places I can't get silicone into.  Oh well.  It's a learning process.  It will get there.
Other than these problems.  it works really well.  The filter fits perfectly into the space I made for it and draws water through the intake.  The water basin at the top holds all the water, and the waterfall itself looks really cool.  I think once this is planted it will be awesome.

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