Sunday, June 3, 2012


The water in the newt paludarium we had set up was looking pretty dirty, so I decided I would try to change it.  I took out the newts and started siphoning out the water and noticed how absolutely disgusting it was.  So much mud and dirt had leaked out of planters that the water was basically mud. It didn't look too bad when everything was settled, but the moment I disturbed it, the water became completely opaque and brown.

I decided to completely dismantle the tank and that's when I noticed how much mold had been growing in it.  nearly the whole bottom portion of the cork bark and a lot of the background.
I read a couple forum posts online saying that mold growing in a paludarium is normal and actually a large part of a healthy system developing, but I decided not to risk it.

The newts are now in a very plain small container with clean water.  Hopefully the large tank will be finished soon and I can transfer them to there.

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