Sunday, June 10, 2012

No More Online Ordering

I got my last order of plants.  A couple of them are awesome.  The rest are too big!!! I guess I'll just have nice houseplants.

 This one is called a "Centipede Orchid." I can't find any info on it in English.  I think it is a native Japanese orchid. 
 Colysis wrightii
Cool looking fern.  Too big though. I don't know if I can grow it epiphytically, but it does like wet soil.  That could work. 

 Microsporum scolopendria
Another one I can't really find anything about. This one is really big too.
 Lemaphyllum microphyllum
I'm so excited about this one! I love this fern.  This will definitely grow epiphytically on the sides of the tank.  It looks awesome!
 Colysis elliptica
This one too: No info. 

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